The Pegasus Boom  barriers offer faster opening / closing time  (< 0.8 Sec for 3 meter boom and less than 2 second for 6 meter boom) and are thus ideally suited for usage in applications with a high volume of traffic.The boom barriers are  cost-efficient solutions for vehicle access control to public parking space, company premises, toll booths, usage application with high volume traffic allow for quick passage. 

The  barrier booms are available in  different length with a variety of functions to meet any particular operational requirements with maximum safety and effectiveness. The barriers can be installed facing each other or synchronized at the same access point and are available to operate independently or synchronized manner.


The Pegasus Boom Barrier is designed to be sleek with an unique shape, without any toroidal  spring, and the controller inside the boom barrier can take inputs from RFID readers, QR Code Scanners, Keypad, Remotes, Manual Switches, Vehicle Loop Detectors, safety sensor, IP Camera (for taking the picture of the vehicle / number plate and driver pic) and comes as a complete package.

Pegasus Boom Barrier can further be further enhanced to have built in License Plate Verification and can be further integrated with Under Vehicle Surveillance System, Fire Alarm System, RED / GREEN Traffic Lights by using the optional accessories.