Canteen Management

It is common for many organizations to operate own or have outsourced cafeterias for their employees. Managing the cafeteria menu and consumption to reduce food wastage is the real challenge for most of the organizations. Paper-based & manual systems are inaccurate & don’t give the real picture.


Pegasus Glass Hour Canteen Management system is a complete solution starting from placing an order to delivery and including payments. It comes with pre aid or post paid options with customized hardware (Self operating Kiosk / Readers etc.) based on customer requirement.


It also can be further integrated with pay roll or any third party software.

Key Features


  • Customized Menu & scheduling

  • Cashless Transactions

  • Cancellation of orders & Refunds

  • Auto-Select

  • Balance Recharge

  • Block Users

  • Consumption Status

  • Food Planning

  • Reports

  • Integration with Payroll or HRMS

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