Contract Labour Management

Most of the organizations especially in manufacturing & construction industry are depending on 3rd party contractors offering skilled and unskilled workers to meet their requirements. Keeping track of these multiple contractors and their large daily changing workforce is the real challenge & overlook into these aspects can create legal or security related issues.


Pegasus Glass Hour Contract Labour Management Solution meets the requirement of large organizations & helps them to manage contractors & their contract workforce. It can be used by issuing temporary cards for access & attendance to restrict access & also to mark attendance as per policies defined by the organization. This helps management to track the contractors & there workforce & in turn improves efficiency & productivity

Key Features


  • Work Order Management

  • Contractor Profile

  • Contractor Web Portal

  • SMS and Email Notifications

  • Contract employee Profile

  • Contract employee Enrollment

  • Contract employee Time-Attendance

  • Advanced Access Control

  • Blacklist Workers

  • Informative Dashboard

  • Integration with SAP / Oracle / ERP

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