Products and Solutions...
                                                                                                ... custom designed for you


With over 15 years of experience in designing, development, manufacturing & distribution of our range of products, we believe you would be able to find a ready  product for your needs from our product stable.


Although Security is a serious business, our experience and our expertise would make you feel like child's play, by integrating various products from our product line to make it both seamless and futuristic, providing you with a definitive peace of mind with assured support.  With our entire range of products being IOT enabled, controlling them from anywhere in the world through our cloud applications / mobile apps / or integrated through your applications becomes  seamless!


With capability to custom build products and solutions within record time, from our in-house design and development team, Pegasus assures you with quality and tested products, bringing a delight to our clients, who have been with us over a decade!


With the latest software technologies, our software development team can further customize or custom build an application for you, bringing your expectations into reality within a definitive time period!


Get in touch with us, and we would assure you of our support in meeting your requirements currently and for many years to come!