Hotel Solutions

Pegasus provides complete solutions for hospitality industry. Starting from Parking, Access Control, Visitor Management, Biometric or Card based locks.


Pegasus Glass Hour Hotel System is basically consists of Access & revenue management software with card or biometric based locks & elevator control system. At the time of guest check in, GRE can enroll finger print or provide card based access to particular room to the guest for number of days & all the statistical data of check in till check out will be stored in software further this can be integrated to HVAC, BMS for further control of lighting & AC etc in the rooms. Seamless integration with billing software makes hassle free & paperless transaction to speed up the process.


Addition to this Pegasus can offer Access, Time Attendance, Parking Solutions for hotel staff & contract employees.


Key Features


  • Enhanced security with better hospitality

  • Better guest management

  • Better lighting & electricity control

  • Visitor management

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Better ROI with reduced TCO

  • Revenue management

  • Seamless Integration with billing software

  • Time attendance & access control for employees.

  • CCTV integration

  • Reports