Fully automatic Tripod turnstile

1.Compatibility with IC.ID, mag card, barcode, fingerprint. etc.
2.Automatic-rotation function
3.Auto-drop-arm function
4.Auto-lift-arm function
5.Anti-reverse-rotation function
6.Emergency-escape function
7.Multi-alarm function
8.equipped multi-functional control board

Semi AutomaticTripod Turnstile

1.Compatibility with IC.ID. Mag card, barcode, fingerprint. etc.
2.Automatic-rotation function
3.Auto-drop-arm function
4.Anti-reverse-rotation function
5.Emergency-escape function
6.Multi-alarm function
7.equipped multi-functional control board
8.the structure has no motor

Manual Type Tripod turnstile

1.rotate in single direction (direction is adjustable)
2.the structure has no electric devices
3.No maintenance, suitable for single-direction crowd control


Full Height Turnstiles

PEGASUS Full height turnstile is a high techproduct aimed at the pedestrian access control management for special place. The shape ismade of stainless steel SUS 304,it is beautiful ,rustproof, durable, can resist to 
external damage. The device integrates and applies with mechanism ,electron ,microprocessor and 
various biometric identification systerm such as electronic ticket system ,access control and attendance 
system, parking system, face recognition system, anti-static ,fingerprint, palm ,iris and so on

Product Functions:

Automatic type
1.  Being compatible withseveral control devices
2.  Unlocking is quick and reliable
3.  The direction of rotation: singledirection, bi-direction (optional)
4.  Automatically reset function
5.  The centre rotor will be set free (default) or locked (optional) automatically when power is off.
6.  Emergency-escape function
7.  Counting Function of the controller,
8.  LED figure display function (optional)
9.  Memory Function attached in the controller
10. With standard input, output interface

Semi-Automatic Type
1. The center rotor will be set free (default) or locked (optional) automaticallywhen the power is off
2. Emergency-escape function
3. The structure has no motor


Manual Type
1. The center rotor can only rotate by single direction, but the direction can be changed easily inside
2. The structure has no electric devices

Drop Arm ( One Arm ) Turnstiles

PEGASUS Drop arm turnstile is a high-tech product aimed at the pedestrianaccess intelligent management. The 
product integrating with mechanism,electron, microprocessor and various identification technology is 
compatible with card reader devices such as IC card, ID card, bar code, fingerprint and so on. By 
configuring all kinds of identification devices and adopting reliable safeguard devices, alarm devices, 
direction indicator etc, it is able to achieve access intelligent control and management

Product Functions:

1. Self-examine and alarm function
2. Programable running status
3. Anti-pinch function
4. Lock automatically
5. Gate synchronization (adjustable)
6. Light and sound alarm function
7. Automatically reset function
8. Compatible with access control system
9. Lock automatically when power off
10. Lock automatically when power on
11. Single or bi-direction
12. Controlled and managed by RC

Extendable functions
1. Count
2. The length of casework and barrier is optional
3. LED direction displayer (color optional)
4. Voice input to indicate the direction

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