Video Door Phones

Securing your family !

Pegasus brand new range of Wireless Video Door Phones goes beyond the standard off the shelf devices.


Introducing Pegasus Nx VDP3.0


Integrating the omnipresent smart phones / tabs to work as indoor unit, Nx VDP3.0 surpasses the ease of use along with convenience.  You would be able to view, interact and even remotely open the door if required, sitting in the comfort of your chair !


Nx VDP3.0 comes in 4 unique variants to meet the specific requirements of our esteemed clients.

  • Nx VDP3.0 with Wifi 

  • Nx VDP3.0 with 3G

  • Nx VDP3.0 for Apartments with Wifi

  • Nx VDP3.0 for Apartments with 3G


Nx VDP3.0 further integrates sufficient memory to capture the photograph / video of the visitor, for further introspection if necessary.


Beautifully encapsulated in an all new aesthetically designed weather proof housing, Nx VDP3.0 provides you breath taking clear Full HD video in all light conditions!